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Getting to know me...

Every so often, I get emails or social media posts about "getting to know you". I love to fill them out.  Today, I decided to share one here!

What is your occupation right now?  Director of Sales, Photoplay Paper

What color are your socks right now?  Socks don't go with flip flops

What are you listening to right now?  Total silence.  It's great!!

What was the last thing that you ate?  Sourdough Pretzels

Can you drive a stick shift?   I can.  I drove a Nissan pickup for years

Last person you spoke to on the phone?  Kylie

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?   Hockey

What is your favorite drink?  Iced Coffee

Have you ever dyed your hair?   I used to.  Now I'm just embracing the grey.  It's in style :) 

Favorite food?   Sushi

What is the last movie you watched?   Something on Hallmark Channel

Favorite day of the year?  Christmas

What was your favorite toy as a child?   A Thumbelina doll that I got from a neighbor

What is your favorite season?  Fall

Cherries or Blueberries?   Cherries, but especially Rainier cherries.  YUM!!

When was the last time you cried?  Does watching a Hallmark movie count?  If yes, then yesterday!

What is on the floor of your closet?  Carpet, and sometimes flip flops

Who is the friend you have had the longest?  Michele D.  We grew up together and still close to this day.

What did you do last night?  Worked on class kits

What are you most afraid of?   Someone happening to my girls or my family

What is your favorite day of the week?  Saturday

What is your favorite color?  Lime Green

What is your lucky number?  27

How many states have you lived in?  2

How many states have you traveled to? 43

How many countries have you visited?  6

What is your favorite flower? Sunflowers or Gerber daisies

Most favorite destination?  Alaska

Most used phrase?  No worries!

Now, if you feel like playing, copy this and post it on your social media.  You'll learn a lot about your friends!